New Member Referral

Our Featured Sponsor of the Year

If you are a member of the North Alabama IFMA Chapter, you are eligible to recruit new chapter members and win some incentive money.

In order to be eligible for the incentive money, the form below must be filled out with your potential member's information. The submit button will automatically send the form to Marshanne Castro, Membership Chair.

A new member is classified as a person who has not been an IFMA member for at least one year prior to filling out the form.

A qualified new member is verified when the chapter receives notification from the IFMA corporate office.

After the next board meeting held the first Thursday of each month, $100.00 will be mailed to the sponsor of each new member he/she brings into the chapter for the previous month.

The more members you enroll, the more $$$ you can earn!

Membership Chair: Marshanne Castro, 256-656-0521