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Unlock Your Potential - Both Professionally and Personally - 01/17/2019

We had 58 members and guests attend the January 17th meeting at Redstone Gateway Conference Center for our first chapter meeting of 2019! Our speaker, Allen Ritter of DREAM4 LLC, gave a powerful presentation on how companies can motivate their employees to initiate progress toward their own personal dreams in order to enhance corporate culture. The DREAM4 Program is a unique part of a corporate benefits package by investing in your employees AND your business at the same time. Itıs been proven that employees who are successful in their personal life are more successful in their professional life. Early in life, almost everybody dreams big dreams. However, at some point, most people stop asking questions and start defining themselves through the eyes of others. We sabotage our ambitions, aspirations, desires and dreams. We actually choose to stop living and working on purpose. Ultimately, the intentional thinking and planning processes of the DREAM4 program has helped many people, across multiple vertical markets, unlock meaningful momentum personally and professionally. 

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