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Workplace Violence/Active Shooter - 10/17/2013

Our October 2013 IFMA meeting was an excellent and timely presentation on Workplace Violence, specifically focusing on Active Shooter scenarios and how to react and respond if such an incident were to occur at your facility.  The sometimes disturbing, but excellent presentation, was given by Capt. Shawn Jayne, Training Coordinator for NASA Protective Services at MSFC. Approximately 50 members and non-members were in attendance at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. 

The attached PDF file is the actual handout NASA uses in their four-hour training class on this subject.  It's very detailed, but is excellent for setting up an emergency plan for your facility.  Be sure to look it over.

Also, during the meeting, Pat McNeese, Business Interiors, and Sam McCall, NeutralPosture, presented a remarkable chair called The Guardian.  This chair received Gold at this year's Best of NeoCON competition in Chicago.  This unique, US Patent Pending, product disguises itself as a regular office chair.  However, in an active shooter situation, the vest portion can be quickly removed from the back of the chair and worn as an NIJ Level II compliant bullet resistant vest.  Please review their website and video for more info,


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